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What’s good for the land is also good for your bottom line

Using data-driven technologies combined with on-the-ground insights, Vayda provides farmers with customized plans for greater profitability using regenerative agriculture

Redefining regenerative agriculture

Vayda guides you through a customized agronomic plan to build soil health, lower inputs, and restore health to your land.

Healthy soil and a healthy bottom line aren’t mutually exclusive. We’ve proven they go hand in hand.

Vayda can help you:

KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING: Diagnostic Analysis image
Forecast the agronomic and financial returns of regenerative practices on your farm, before implementation.

Harvesting the proof

Vayda doesn’t simply make recommendations. We put them into practice.

Our Clarksdale Farm in the Mississippi Delta is just one example of how Vayda tests regenerative practices on our own land. The farm is more than greenhouses and test plots. It’s a 2,700-acre, commercial-sized operation that provides real-world results for real-world recommendations.

a chart displaying transition time for farms over a period of years, one line representing Vayda assisted farms and the other representing non-Vayda assisted farms. The Vayda assisted line trends upwardly within the first year, while the non-Vayda assisted line trends downwardly within the first year.

Our farm managers are farmers first, but they are scientists too – researching the latest regenerative practices. These insights are aggregated season after season to help us better adapt customized regenerative plans for your unique farming operation.

a bar chart displaying costs on herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers for the year of 2022 and 2023. 2023 shows lower costs for all three categories.

And we’re growing our expertise. From our rice farm in Newport, Arkansas, to new locations planned across the U.S., we’re building a network of farms to develop and refine recommendations.

a chart displaying the story of a farm's transition. An icon of trees represents the farm. The icon points to a set of graphs. These graphs point to icons of a home and of a local government building.

Ready to take your first step towards a regenerative future?


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  • Have an initial conversation to define your goals.

  • Complete a diagnostic assessment and soil sampling so we better understand your operations.

  • Share a customized farm plan with specific recommendations based on your goals.



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How Regenerative Methods Can Restore Soil Health

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